I operate a small hobby workshop in the South of Tasmania, and I share my videos on YouTube.

Check out my channels

Check out my channels

Craig's Workshop

This is my main channel, where I publish my project videos.

I take my time making these videos as polished as I possibly can, and I try to stick to mostly machining content.

Craig's Workshop Updates

This is my second channel, where everything else goes.

I share news updates such as small projects that didn't merit their own video, workshop construction progress, any new workshop items, general behind the scenes stuff.

I don't put nearly as much effort into these videos, and as such, they are a lot easier to make, and I can make them more frequently

What kind of work can you do?

At Your Service


I run a mill and lathe(s), tool and cutter grinder, and have a good selection of metrology equipment


I have arc, tig and mig welding capabilities, bar bending, bandsaw and belt grinder

Video Production

And of course, I love making videos. From filming and audio, through to editing and publishing.

Some Handpicked Examples Of My Work

Contact details

How to reach me

Email is a great way to get hold of me: craig@[this website domain]

Discord is a good bet too, and other viewers are usually there too.

If you would like to help support the video production,
please see my patreon page. Thank you!

I do also have instagram and facebook pages, but I'm not a big user of those, I try to focus my efforts on the videos.