Hi, I'm Craig

I operate a small hobby workshop in the South of Tasmania, and I share my videos on YouTube.

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What makes me tick?

I love all things mechanical, and a few years ago, got myself my first lathe and started learning to machine. That has grown now, and I have a full fledged machine shop and the basics of a fabricating shop, and also a woodworking workshop

Where can I see your work?

Check out my channels

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I run a mill and lathe(s), tool and cutter grinder, and have a shaper on the way


I have arc and tig welding capabilities, bar bending, bandsaw, and more on the way.


I am also set up for furniture making, which is something I did for several years in the UK too.

And more!

And of course, I love making videos. From filming and audio, through to editing and publishing

Let's Get In Touch!

I don't have some of the more common social media accounts, but you can connect with me via my YouTube pages above, or by email: craig@[this website domain]

If you would like to support the workshop and youtube presence, please take a look at my patreon page